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Purium produces juice drinks that will revolutionize your healh. They are made from the highest quality organic ingredients, and are packaged in easy to take powder form. Just add water — they taste great as is — or add juice! Their 10 and 40 day Transformation Programs will turn your life around. Their CORE 4 programs address nutritional deficiencies, cleansing, weight loss, and athletic performance. Their products also help people with digestion issues, candida, addictions, poor sleep, and more. Go to Purium and read the customer reviews. Wow!
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President and founder Mr. Brian Tomlinson Sr. stumbled on a gold mine of nutrition in 2000, and purchased the oldest health food in America. While he passed out flyers on Hollywood Blvd. about his up-and-coming internet café, the founder of Herbal Life helped Mr. Tomlinson buy Hollywood Natural Food Inc. Due to the café’s success, leading companies now use Mr. Tomlinson’s company name. Hollywood Natural Food Inc. is the first nutritional store, coffee shop, and business wireless center of its kind. Now, global herbal companies send new products like the glutathione patches, drinks and vitamins to Mr. Tomlinson so he can distribute these breakthrough supplements to his customers.

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